Employment Terms & Conditions


We appreciate your interest in employment with Devlin Construction Ltd.

I understand that false, misleading, or omitted information in my application, resume or interview(s) may result in disqualification from employment consideration or discharge if I become an employee. For any purpose related to Devlin Construction  Ltd.’s business, including assessing my employment suitability, I consent to Devlin Construction Ltd.’s collection, retention and use of personal information provided in this application, obtained from references, or from the interview process (“Personal Information”), and I consent to the disclosure of such personal information by those references to Devlin Construction Ltd.

I understand that if I become an employee of Devlin Construction Ltd., Devlin Construction  Ltd. will retain the Personal Information for a period for consideration for future employment opportunities. I further understand that if I become an employee of Devlin Construction Ltd., they will keep the Personal Information on file for as long as I am a Devlin Construction Ltd. employee and as legislatively required thereafter.

If employed, I hereby agree to abide by all Devlin Construction Ltd. policies and rules. I understand that Devlin Construction Ltd. may amend or revise these policies and rules from time to time and that nothing in this application creates, or will create, an express or implied contract of employment between Devlin Construction Ltd. and me. I acknowledge and agree that should Devlin Construction Ltd. make me an offer of employment, and should I accept such an offer, I acknowledge and agree that the following are conditions of employment and I hereby accept and agree to be bound by such conditions.

I will provide a current drivers abstract at the time Devlin Construction Ltd. hires me. I understand that the first three months of active service will be a probationary period, during which time either party, without notice of termination of employment or pay in lieu thereof, may terminate employment.  I agree to participate in a Safety Orientation prior to commencing work and once per year thereafter.