Devlin Construction Ltd. is a local Edmonton Asphalt Paving Company and Contractor that is pleased to offer a full range of asphalt services.


Devlin Construction Ltd. is a local Edmonton Asphalt Paving Company and Contractor that is pleased to offer a full range of asphalt services. Whether you are looking for asphalt repairs or require a new road, our personnel can assist you with all of your paving needs.

Our expertise is in providing asphalt contracting to local municipalities, commercial businesses, and industrial sites. Our experienced pavers are committed to providing the best asphalt services  through using top quality materials, equipment, and paving techniques that result in roads, driveways, parking lots, and pavement that is durable, safe, and will withstand the test of time.

Here are some of the current asphalt paving services that we offer:

  • New Construction - Asphalt roadways, highways, parking lots, and pavement services
  • Overlay Paving - We offer overlay to enhance your current paving and correct imperfections and whatever small cracks and holes that require refilling.
  • Spot Repair - Asphalt repair services for potholes, cracks, irrigated areas, damage due to weather on all pavement surfaces.
  • Structural Repairs - We can repair, fix, or replace any structural damages that have been caused by water, poor installation, or design.
  • Drainage Correction - If you are experiencing water problems in your parking lot or on your commercial property, we can help resolve your drainage and sewer issues
  • Spray Patching - This is a quick and easy fix for pothole repairs
  • Skin Patching - We use skin patches on your asphalt pavement if there are any depressions that need to be filled in but is not so severe that you require replacement and removal.
  • Infrared Patching - an inexpensive, efficient and long lasting asphalt reclaiming service that is different from the conventional method most paving companies employ.
  • Sealant Application - Protect and prolong the life of your asphalt pavement from oxidization, moisture, and surface raveling through applying sealant on your parking lot or commercial properties.
  • Removal - We can remove any unwanted asphalt from your property and offer grinding and recycling services.
  • Crack Sealing and Repairs
  • Main hole and Water Valve Adjustment Services
  • Speed Bump Installation & Maintenance 
  • Bike Path Installation & Maintenance 

With technology increasing, we are also increasing our asphalt paving services to you. We pride ourselves on maintaining and utilizing modern equipment, as well as having highly trained professional operators on the job to provide you with asphalt finishes that are long-lasting, smooth, and can endure the harsh Edmonton weather conditions. For more information regarding our asphalt repairs and services or about our paving company, please contact our Edmonton office at (780) 473-0384.

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